Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Enterprise secures over 132 mln. birr from coffee sales

The Tepi coffee development enterprise said it has secures an over 132n million birr revenue from sales of coffee in Sheka zone of southern nations nationalities and peoples’ state in 2003 E.C. Enterprise director, Getachew Gebre-Mariam said that the income was obtained from sales over 20,000 quintals of coffee supplied to central market.

The enterprise has transplanted over 395,000 new coffee seedlings on 125 hectares, the director said. Getachew said the amount of coffee supplied to the market exceeded by over 4,000 quintals that of same period in the previous year. The revenue also surpassed by over 23 million birr that of last year same period, he said. Currently, over 100,000 newly transplanted coffee seedlings have already taken root, Getachew said.