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Huracàn de Fuego: “El pueblo al pueblo”


Under the title of afro-Venezuela which is aimed at creating awareness and cultural exchange which is initially prepared by the ministry of culture of Venezuela, the Embassy of Venezuela and the Ethiopian ministry of culture has been held here in Ethiopia in Addis at Yared music school and other two schools sponsored by Venezuelan government: – Simon Boly Bar school, and in Cheka Kotebe Boly Bar at Wonji last week.

“Huracàn de Fuego”, Venezuelan traditional music band established on 1993 has come to Ethiopia to present its show to Ethiopian peoples. The music team is composed of seven musical instrument players and one women dancer. The traditional drums of Venezuela used on the concerts are believed to be originated from Africa especially Angola the major instruments used at the concerts.

At the day of the concerts seven of the team members have played every instrument randomly. Elvis Sanchez, director general of the music team, this tour has been prepares because the music team believes in the motto El pueblo al pueblo which means they will know where they come from.

There are more than four types of these kinds of drums. Cumaco is two drums which has small drum which is used by females and one part of the drum is covered with sheep skin. The bigger drum which is used as a seat also is used by males and one side of the drum is sealed with cow skin. Both drums are sealed only in one part and the other sides are not penetrated and closed by nature. It is played using hand and right leg. The drummer seats on the males drum and carry the female drum in he’s left leg. The right leg of the drummer is used to stop the vibration of male’s drum which has a direct effect on the volume of the sound.

Quitiplas is another instrument which is used by the music team. It is made with bamboo. The musicians collapse Quitiplas to create musical tone. Flauta which is same as a flute is also another major instrument which is used by the Huracàn. Flauta is played by chimbangele drummers as the same time with the drum. The team is named after Hurricane to represent the strong wind. The team members believe that Ethiopia and Venezuela have connection in different aspects. The director general mentioned the religion aspects done by the orthodox religion followers while celebrating Ark of the Covenant.

There are also other musical instruments which are usually used in the Venezuelan traditional society. Among these, Colo è puya , an hour glass like shaped musical instrument which has three type based on size can be mentioned. Prima is the smaller, Cruz ado is the medium and Pujao is the bigger one. The music team is its first visit to Africa and the team has gone to Kenya for more concerts.