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Serenade restaurant launches new chapter


Serenade restaurant, a sister restaurant of Lime Tree, has re-launched its operation in a brand new style. The revamped eatery is combining food with contemporary art, both its showcasing and instruction. “I decided to close down the restaurant that was known for being sold out and that surprised all our patrons. But the idea was to move forward and innovate it. So, we have energized Serenade with bold ideas and concepts that I believe will deliver an exciting and new experience,” said Yasser Bagersh, a restaurateur and founder of What’s Out monthly English Magazine.

The restaurant will host a new art zone called Serenade House, which will unveil a season of five shows, from October 2011 until May 2012.The first show opens October 18th with the premier of ‘In The Light’, a photographic exhibition by American Italian artist Nicola Parente. The show will run through the end of November. Yasser explained that Serenade House aims to introduce Ethiopian art lovers to creative works from other countries, and that the season would include an art exhibition premiering the works of some of Kenya’s celebrated artists.

“Kenya is not just a neighbor to this country but also hosts a thriving and dynamic contemporary art scene that would be greatly enjoyed by Ethiopians and expatriates alike,” he exclaimed. The restaurant will also launch exhibitions by an American artist called Olivia Pendagast as well as one of the leading Ethiopian artists Behailu Bezabih and Bisrat Shibabaw. In addition, Serenade Art House is prepared to collaborate with Asni Gallery to unveil an exciting art installation, which explores the concept of “lines” showcasing the work of Konjit Seyoum and Bagersh.

In the rainy months of June through August, Serenade, as part of its ‘critical art learning’ segment, will hold the ‘Multi-disciplinary Art Workshop for Children’. Local and international instructors will take children on a thrilling and educational artistic journey. As part of Serenade’s food ‘zone’ concept, the restaurant will present new menus along with some of the classics and favorites form of dishes from the old Serenade but with a new twist.

The restaurant will provide its customers with food hosted in four different areas that will include lunches everyday (except Monday), high tea on Thursday through Saturday afternoon, Sunday brunches, and catering both outside and inside Serenade.