Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Two movies for the weekend

Title: Switched off

Author: Yolian Teklemariam

Director: Million Seyoum

Duration: 1.39 hours

Cost: 450,000birr

Type: Suspense-comedy


Title: Yemaltegnaw

Author: Yared Tesfaye

Director: Yared Tesfaye

Duration: 1.34 hours

Cost:  130,000birr

Type: Dramatic-comedy

Under the media house production and Eskupi films two movies were screened last week. “Yemaltegnaw”, a dramatic comedy film directed and written by Yared Tesfaye played at Addis Ababa Theater and Cultural Hall. The movie was screened last week in Addis Ababa cinemas including; Sebastopol, Embilta and Yoftahe cinema. Another suspenseful flick, “Switched Off”, directed by Million Seyoum is now playing in; Sebeta, Debre-Zeit, and Nazareth.

“Switched Off” is about what happens when people are fired from their jobs and try to become self sufficient. It took 18 months to make. Funny actors such as: Mesfin Haileeyesus (Tejo/derived from the name Tej), Solomon Gebre, Elizabeth Getachew (Ketcho, named in opposition to her physical existence meaning skinny), Fiyori Haile, Daniel Wendeson, Mikias Tamere, and Nardos Berhe, participated in the movie. Tejo and Kecho, became famous from their roles in, “Yewendoch Guday.” There are 25 supporting actors and actresses in the film.

The Eskupi film “Yemaltegnaw” sports a cast composed of: Anteneh Tadesse, Chirotaw Kelkay, HIiowt Girma, Wendesen Awrasis and BIniam Eshete(Jebesa), who wrote for Addis Admass newspaper under the column named “Wega Wega”. The movie looks like it is a low budget film. However both the new and veteran performers acted well. The animation at the beginning was made by the 21 year old animation film maker Mastewal Negash. We can his work on the ETV-3 program; Yeazmari Kegnet. The thing I don’t like personally is the sound composition and sound system of the hall. It is hard to judge whether the bad sound arose from the cinema or the production of the film.

The Addis Ababa Theater and Cultural Hall is especially designed for theatrical art works but it is also used as a film cinema. The hall provided only the screen and the seats. The projector and other equipment came from the film makers. The hall is inexpensive but it needs to be improved so the audience can at least hear the movie.

Yemaltegaw has taken over 14 months to get in to cinemas. The story of the movie is about a man who can’t sleep because he cannot get a suitable girlfriend. The movie will take its audience through the ups and downs of his search for Mrs. Right. The comic character, a police sergeant, who befriends the main character made the movie full of laughs.