Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Gebregezabhir Gebremeskel

FULL NAME:   Gebregezabhir Gebremeskel

EDUCATION:   12th grade

COMPANY NAME:   Abyssinia Cultural Coffee house


STUDIO TITLE:  General Manager

FOUNDED:   September, 2010

WHAT IT DOES:  Serves traditional coffee and fast food.

HQ:  Chechnya street in front of N.B. building




Reason for starting business:  I wanted to improve my life by opening up a private business.

Biggest plus of ownership:  I have seen the benefit of owning a private business.

Biggest strength:  I work hard income even if I do not receive much income and I do not give up hope easily.

Biggest weakness:  I would have like to expanded the business  more quickly after I opened it.

Smartest move:  Opening this business when others told me it was impossible to do it.

Biggest Worry:  Keeping my customers.

Favorite task: Serving my customers.

Most challenging task:  None so far.

Plan:  Want to expand my coffee house.

First career:  Drivers.

Most interested in meeting:  Meles Zenawi

Most admired person:  People who don’t look down on any job.

Stress reducer:  Going to a café with my friends .

Favorite pass time:  Watching films.

Favorite Book:  ‘Holy Bible’ Favorite destination:  Debre Zeit

Favorite automobile: Toyota Land cruiser

Favorite film: “Ke-Leb” Amharic Film.