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Pioneer Water Tankers

Tsemex, one of the leading importers and distributers of branded goods which are related with water work materials in Ethiopia, plans to solve water problems in Ethiopia by providing gigantic water tankers which can hold water in a range of 12,000 litres to custom tanks up to 10 million litres.

At an event held at Hilton Hotel Tsemex’s Managing Director, Rezene Ayalew said that because of shortage of what he called the oil of the future, people are forced to use different types of water storage materials like concrete, fiber glass and galvanized tankers.

The pioneer water tankers are installed in a diameter ranging between 2.68 meters to 20.05meters within the height of 1.1meters to 8.5 meters in different colors. Pioneer water tankers resist earthquakes and high winds and minimize the likelihood of distortion under load, says the Managing Director .

Albert Purnomo, international consultant of pioneer water tank says they have an advantage over other brands. The on-site preparation is one. The packed size of pioneer water tankers is only one percent of its assembled size, which makes it easy to transport and build at special site, or where works or expensive foundations are required. Pioneer Water Tanks have flexible reinforced Polyethylene liner bottoms that are not ridged so stored water can follow the contour of the ground. Pioneer gives a 10 year warranty for potable water storage and it has life expectancy of 65 years.

From local organizations the Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority (AAWSA), Origin Mineral Water and different universities are using the technology.

Tsemex was established in 1991 and is the sole distributor of Pioneer Water Tanks for Ethiopia. Pioneer Water Tank is part of Blue Scope Steel –one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world & the leading one in Australia. Currently Pioneer Water Tanks employs in excess of 150 personnel within Australia and the US.