The line that divides


The Ethio-Eritrean war was costly and tore families and friends apart. Borders which are simply lines in the sand have the power to divide people with much in common. “Dinber” in Amharic, which means border, shows the impact of war on a family. A young boy raised by his grandfather decides to join the army and fight Eritrea, as many young people did during that time. The character, “Tilahun” doesn’t have contact with his father for a long time because he is very angry that his father was not around him when he needed him. He has suffered so much he decides he doesn’t want to see him again.  He is happy with his Grandfather. Tilahun’s mother is the only one who is happy.



In the middle of this dilemma, the war breaks and the movie which was talking about family matters changes into an action movie, with scenes full of violence. The high quality make up costumes and special effects made the action shots seem real. The gory details of detached human bodies and bullet wounds are shocking. The movie was screened at the Addis Ababa City Hall  and is now in many Addis and regional cinemas. Familiar faces like Fantu Mandoye, and Almaz Haile make appearances. Over 190 young and veteran artists have roles. ‘Dinber’ was produced and written by Girma Alemayeh. Fasil Girma directed the one hour and thirty minute long film. Tadesse Negusu did the makeup. And the production has cost 720,000 birr over six years, which is unusual.