Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Haftom Taye

FULL NAME:   Haftom Taye

EDUCATION:   BSC in Computer Engineering

COMPANY NAME:   H-2 Computer and Language School

STUDIO TITLE:  General Manager and Owner


FOUNDED:   August, 2011

WHAT IT DOES:  Trains people in Basic, Advanced, and Professional  computer skills and teaches Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German and English as a second language.

HQ:  Megenagna, Bethlehem Plaza


START UP CAPITAL:  100,000 Birr

CURRENT CAPITAL:  500,000 Birr

Reason for starting business:  I had the  passion for starting my own business and I wanted to be self sufficient and create job opportunities for friends.

Biggest plus of ownership:  Creating jobs for friends.

Biggest strength:  H-2 provides free courses. We have different payment mechanisms and train students during non-working hours.

Biggest weakness:  I opened H-2 just after I graduated and I didn’t  have much work experience.

Smartest move:  Opening this business and helping others to become employed.

Biggest Worry:  Keeping my customers.

Favorite task: Administering my business.

Most challenging task:  Handling language students who leave the school before they get their certificate.

Plan:  To open a start up school for language and to add another branch. I am also interested in starting a talk show about psychological matters on ETV.

First career:  Language teacher and student.

Most interested in meeting:  Meles Zenawi

Most admired person:  My father.

Favorite pass time:  Reading books, chatting with friends, and watching films.

Favorite Book:  ‘The Secret’ Favorite destination:  Juventus

Favorite automobile: Suzuki

Favorite film: “Selina” based on true story.