Indian company raided for customs evasion

An investigation team of the Ethiopian Revenues and customs Authority (ERCA) reportedly raided an Indian company named Nile Drilling and exploration PLC for bypassing customs procedures and alleged evasion of customs duties on imported items.

Sources at ERCA indicated that a water drilling rig belonging to Nile Drilling was seized in the company’s garage before the mandatory customs formalities were completed at Addis Abeba’s customs ofiice located in Kality. According to sources, the situation unraveled last weekend when the water drilling rig reached the capital. Passing the customs checkpoint at Mojo on Saturday, December 26 evening, the rig took a detour to the company’s premise avoiding the Kality office before the owners can legally take possession of them. However the rig, which arrived at the company’s garge on saturdy evening, was not discovered by customs authorities until the next day. Officials at the authority have declined to comment on the matter saying that ERCA’s intelligence team is already conducting an investigation into the company and the accusations leveled at the company.” The very fact that the water drilling rig was shifted out of the normal route incoming goods travel on to undergo customs clearance is illegal,” said the anonymous source at ERCA. On the other hand, according to an unofficial explanation from Nile drillings, the while thing is a misunderstanding. The company said that the transporters mistakenly took a detour to the company’s garage as it was located close to Kality customs office. “furthermore, the company has a duty-free privilege to import the rig and evading customs doesn’t make sense at all” it added. It is unknown yet whether the company is going to face charges for customs evasion. The legal department at ERCA informed the Reporter that the case has not been referred for any legal action at present. (The Reporter)



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