Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Saint George appoints Italian Manulo new head coach

Saint George’s new head coach Italian Manulo kicks-off his Ethiopian premier league debut away match against Diredawa Town on Tuesday. Manolo is expected to deliver all three local titles plus a substantial journey in the CAF Cup.


The newly appointed head coach is not new for Ethiopian football for he had been an assistant to Jusepe Dosena, his fellow country man sacked for finishing runner-up in the last league season. When Dosena was sent home at the end of last season his two assistants Manulo and the goal keeper coach also packed out. Serbian Dosan Kundich replaced Dosena only to stay for four months but delivering two titles, Knock-out championship and Addis Ababa City Cup. Kundich shipped off after a mutual agreement that is pocketing a two month salary. The reason is failure to build an attack minded side capable of dominating the tournaments. Here comes Dosena’s former assistant Manulo promoted to the hot seat but the ultimatum still standing that is full domination of the local football and a frog leap in to CAF Cup this season. Manulo’s luck appears shaky for his debut tournament Nation’s and Nationalities Day festival  tournament in Mekele in which he ended up runner-up after a goal difference from the ultimate champion city rival Dedebit FC. Manulo is to visit Diredawa in his premier league debut match on Tuesday against the home side that has only one point from two matches. League title, knock-out championship and Super Cup titles are what is expected of the Italian at the end of the new season.