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Award winning generator and train inventions provide hope

An Engineer in Arba Minch has been getting noticed for his inventions this year.  After already coming up with an innovative electrical train design, he has developed a generator using aluminum and sheet metal.
The thirty year old Ethiopian lecturer at Arba Minch University, Muluneh Lemma, received a patent right from the Ministry of Science and Technology last September for an electrical train made of aluminum and sheet metal. It is powered by an electro-magnetic force created in the floor of the rail way which creates an electromagnetic field that pushes the train forward. While it would not be as fast as Japan’s bullet train it would be a dramatic improvement from Ethiopia’s current trains. 
“The prototype I have invented can be used for children’s amusement parks, airport luggage carriers and even in universities for transportation. It could also be used as part of the national land transport system envisioned for the future,” said Muluneh Lemma.
“It is multidimensional because you can use it for electricity and pumping water. It will help expand small scale irrigation .
The generator will move at close to 800 revolutions per second while only using 10 volts of electric power.
“I created the two inventions by folding the metals with my hand. With machines the construction will become very simple. We are trying to link our research activity with the Metal Corporation at an institutional level,” said young engineer and father of one.
“The Ethiopian Metal Corporation is a milestone institution in our development endeavor,” he said.
“The innovation of this generator is vital in our effort to eradicate poverty. The production of this generator is timely if it is produced and distributed to the public to support the national goal of achieving food self sufficiency. That dream can be fulfilled if we partner with the Ethiopian Metal and Engineering Corporation which has both the material and human resource to make it happen,” said the lecturer.   
Muluneh has taught at Arba Minch University since 2004, first as a graduate assistant lecturer and since 2009, as a lecturer. In addition to teaching he coordinates a student service center and is a technical manager for the Solar Competence Center (Photo Voltaic, PV); which is part of collaboration between the University of Arba Minch and the University of Southern Switzerland with Tsahay Solar Solution GmbH.
He graduated from western Addis Ababa’s Shambu Secondary School in 1999.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, from Arba Minch University in 2004.  In 2009 he obtained at Masters in Technology in Power Electronics Electrical Machines and Drives, from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, India.
His electric train design won him special recognition at the second International Educational Exhibition 2011. The Ministry of Science and Technology awarded him a Utility Model Owner for the generator and train design. The Ministry of Education also awarded him this year.