Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Fire guts historic market

A horrendous, two-hour long fire ravaged half of a small local market, commonly known as Abware,

on Tuesday, December 20 at around 3:00 AM. The fire blazed through the small huts and shops until 5:00 AM, destroying half of the over a century old market. The Addis Ababa Fire and Emergency Unit reached the spot 30 minutes later. 
During the fire an electric transformer exploded and fueled up the fire. The cause of the accident was not identified but people at the spot indicated that a gas leak in one of the shops may have been responsible.
Police and fire fighters confirmed that there were no human casualties from, what they said, was a terrible fire accident. Damage to property was not known but it was confirmed that over half of the area has been reduced to ashes.
The Addis Ababa Police Commission and Federal Police were present in large numbers and cordoned off the area to protect the shops from looters. The fire fighters said that they used close to 50,000 litres of water to put out the fire.