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2011 And The Emergence of Political Disobedience

The pent up frustration that started to erupt in 2011 was a systematically generated conundrum of the economic, the social, the environment, etc. The embedded polarization between and within countries exhibited itself dramatically in 2011 in North Africa/Middle East (including Israel) and in some rich metropolis. The systemic and protracted global economic crisis that manifested itself, initially in the finance sector, has now pushed further into the realm of all economic life. As a result, the growth mantra that sustained the modern world system, particularly its post war era (WWII) dispensation is entering its grand finale. Gradually it might be replaced by its anti-thesis, the phenomenon of de-growth!
The massive debt that accumulated through time and all over the world, compliment of the now exposed banksters and their accomplices in institutions of monetary governance, (IMF, central banks, et al) has completely undermined the prevailing global monetary system. This holds true all over; in the realm of the corporate, households and sovereign states. Moreover and not so surprisingly, what has not clearly shown up on the streets, at least so far, is the severe global resource shortage/imbalance that lurks in the background. We believe the issue is one of the major, if not the major constraint that is challenging the prevailing model of continuous economic growth. Easy/cheap energy, which has been the foundation of the modern world system, is now gone and probably for good! Nonetheless, this serious matter has been systematically and forcefully submerged by the power that be. But it is only a matter of time before it forcefully erupts! Overall, the complex imbalance in which humanity agonizingly finds itself has been more openly and vividly interrogated in 2011 than any other time in our recent past, such as the ‘Occupy Movement’!
We admit, for the average ‘person on the street’, the events that took place in 2011 might not be extraordinary, (save the likes of global street protests) but for the perceptive few, 2011 was anything but ordinary, at least in the scheme of prevailing global collective co-existence. We have elaborated the coming shift in collective human social existence, a la multi-polarity in our previous editorials. Since we have been saying a whole lot about the malaise of the prevailing world system, particularly its distorted economics, this time we will give a chance to those timid souls in academia, who finally mustered the moral courage to tell it all and as it is, (risking their fat dough) just like we sophists regularly do.  See Roubini’s and Rodrik’s articles on page 50, ‘Occupy the Universities’!
On the environment/ecology/climate change front, 2011 registered new records, left right and center; highest global surface temperature, largest emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, (as a result of human civilization) fastest glacial meltdown, etc. The micro tampering of nature that went awry in Fukushima, (nuclear power plant) radiated not only the island of Japan and neighbors, but also far flanged places in Europe and North America! Of course, the powerful and inhumanly stoic global nuclear lobby made sure the most damaging facts (to the industry) are kept securely hidden from the gullible public; compliment of captured institutions of higher learning, (universities, research centers, etc) the elite run global communication system or in our more vulgar language, the global paid media, etc. In addition, the 2011 COPs again failed to come up with meaningful measures to arrest the impending calamity, consequences of climate change. Durban proved a complete fiasco, again compliment of the captured states. Durban nullified the only binding agreement on climate change, the Kyoto protocol by choreographed default. We repeat our former slogan; ‘Occupy the COPs!’
In the words of a perceptive analyst: 2011 ushered the emergence of ‘political disobedience.’ The rampage by a more determined global ‘beast’ (the human mass) has forced the reigning elite to consider serious measures to quell the beast’s increasing appetite for meaningful democratic and empowering change. To this end, legislations such as the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act in the US) and initiatives to comprehensively control the ‘internet’, such as STOP (Stop Online Piracy Act, again in the US) are being put in place. The NDAA allows the US military to detain anyone it suspects of being a ‘terrorist’ indefinitely and without trials in civilian courts. The law also applies to US citizens! Remember the Orwellian big screen of ‘big brother?’ Welcome to 1984 (Orwellian calendar.) On the other hand, there have always been Americans with differing point of view on the whole control-fixation: “There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress and we have the best Congress money can buy.” Mark Twain. Good Day!