Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

BGI to launch Castel Draft Beer

BGI Ethiopia, the leading brewery in the country, is going to introduce international brand draft beer for its customers in the coming three weeks.
The new draft beer, labelled Castel, will be available in Addis Ababa in time for the holyday of Ethiopian Epiphany, according to Esayas Hadera marketing manager of BGI.
The brewery that has three plants including the recently completed Hawassa (Awassa) branch factory, will deliver the new draft for its consumers in Addis Ababa. BGI has also plans to expand its distribution in other parts of the country like its prominent brand St George draft beer, which holds the major market share.
Currently the brewery has distributed to local beer outlets, draft beer dispensers with two points that can pour both Castel and St George draft beers simultaneously.
The Castel draft beer, which is present in the market all over Africa, is one of the premium draft beers in the market.
The marketing head told Capital that on the initial stage the Addis Ababa branch will undertake the production of the new draft beer. “The other two breweries, Kombolch and Hawassa, will commence the Castel draft production in the future,” he explained.
After BGI commissioned its newest branch in Hawassa, 275km South of Addis Ababa, in June 2011 it has targeted to introduce new bottled beer brands, however officials of the brewery declined to reveal the new brands they are going to introduce.
“We will disclose the relevant information when we finalized preparations. Presently we are focussing on releasing the Castel draft beer,”  Esayas explained.
The one billion birr factory in Hawassa, installed with a waste treatment plant, is expected to be inaugurated officially this month. The new beer plant has a capacity to produce 500,000 hectoliters of beer per annum. The Hawassa brewery aims to fully serve the beer market in the southern and western part of the country and eastern Ethiopia partially. The Addis Ababa and Kombolcha breweries total production capacity is about 1.67 million hectolitres per annum.
BGI bottles popular brands of St George and Castel beers in its three factories in Addis, Hawassa and Kombolcha. BGI entered the brewery industry in Ethiopia in October 1998. 
BGI Ethiopia has also commenced the construction of its new head quarter inside its compound located at Mexico Square.  
Recently BGI bought 25 percent share from the under establishment Raya Brewery which is worth 75 million birr. According to Raya’s plan, in the first phase of its production, it plans to produce 300,000 hectoliters of beer per annum.