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“Eyes of Respect” opens at the National Museum

An exhibition titled “Eyes of Respect” by artist Emebet Belete and Film director Berhanu Shiberu opened at the National Museum of Ethiopia on Thursday January 5th 2012.
Birhanu Shiberu, one of the co-exhibitors of the show said the exhibition’s inspiration was from one of the long running popular Amharic soap dramas “ Gemena” character which goes by the name of “Fish” who was admired by many.
He said Emebet Belete, co-exhibitor and professional artist, will make a tree branch with “Fish’s” twelve thousand admirers on it with poems written in Amharic and some translated from Russian or with Chinese subtitles. Emebet Belete is an artist, sculptor, and educator and a graduate at the Addis Ababa Fine arts school and Queen’s university, Canada. She currently teaches at Peda International School in China. She has had exhibitions in countries as wide as Bulgaria, Canada, China, France and Zimbabwe.
“Fish” was an Ethiopian Diaspora member in the soap drama who returned back to his country to reunite with a long lost love, but finds that she did not wait for him, got married and had children.
Fish not daunted that his love interest is married and has children, tries to persuade her to abandon her husband and if need be emigrate together with her children with him, which she flatly refuses and he returns empty handed without his former girlfriend.
Birhanu’s 15 short Amharic films that have made it to international film festivals, will also be showcased.
Some of the films include the Amharic Film “Undiscovered beauty land “directed by the Miss Ethiopia 2003 winner and the Miss World Top 10 finalist Hayat Ahmed. The latter had her film as well as an Ethiopian film “Youth without future” screened at the Zanzibar International Film festival.  Another film which Birhanu participated in as a cameraman was “Love Shadow”.
The film “Eyes of Respect” will be open from January 5 to 16th between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Birhanu Shiberu is a film director, actor and educator who is a graduate of the Addis Ababa Yared School of Music (A.A) and the Kiev Karpenko Karry state university of Theatre Cinema and Television, Ukraine republic in the former Soviet Union. He currently works as a film director in Ethiopia.