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Ethiopian Airlines makes salary increment

The management of Ethiopian Airlines made a twenty percent salary increment to all its employees effective January 2012. The increment was recently approved by the board of directors of the airline chaired by Addisu Legesse, former deputy prime minister. The public relations department of Ethiopian said, “The general 20 percent salary increase was granted by the board and the management of Ethiopian Airlines in recognition of the hard work, dedication and successes of all the employees of Ethiopian Airlines.”
Ethiopian Airlines has 5,635 employees – 29 percent  marketing and sales, 28 percent maintenance and engineering, 12 percent cabin crew, cockpit crew 6 percent and others 25 percent.
In 2010 the management of Ethiopian made a salary adjustment that provoked protest. At that time the management made a 100 percent to 180 percent rise to members of the cockpit crew and 15 percent to 35 percent to other employees, the highest amount went to aircraft technicians. However, this year employees of the airline seem happy with the 20 percent flat rate increment.
(The Ethiopian Reporter)