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Heineken takes over EPL title sponsor

New arrival to Ethiopian business industry Heineken Brewery takes over title sponsorship to Ethiopian premier league new season.
The giant international brewery famous for sponsoring international soccer events notably the European champions’ League, now takes a giant leap in to Ethiopian soccer taking a three year sponsorship deal with football federation with 4.5 million Birr. Since taking over ownership to Harar Brewery last season, the company already involved in the nation’s football financing one of the premier league solid regional premier league sides Harar Brewery. For Heineken it is not new to sponsor soccer events but its presence in Ethiopian football could bring a real impact. Heineken Ethiopian premier league title sponsor as of this weekend fixtures is the second ever title sponsor since Sheik Mohammed Al-Amoudi taking the right for three successive seasons with the fixture named Al-Amoudi Cup.
For the first time since recent times fourteen sides battle for the new premier league season with Ethiopian Coffee the defending champion and Heineken the title sponsor.