Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

MIE to introduce new GEELY vehicles

Mesfin Industrial Engineering Private Limited Company will begin assembling three models of GEELY cars this year,

Capital learnt. The company is expected to assemble the SL 1500cc model starting in June 2012 followed by the EC 1500cc and the 1300cc hunchback.
According to Yesuf Adamnur, sales and promotion manager of Mesfin Industrial PLC, the company has already imported all three models to Ethiopia and they plan to begin testing them on Ethiopian roads this week.
The SL 1500cc, MIE’s first car model to be assembled, is to be built  in Semi Knocked Form (SKD) that is parts of the car will be fully imported from China and assembled at the plant. In the future though, MIE wants to venture into Completely Knocked Down (CKD) form, where some parts are produced locally, with the exception of parts like the engines that will be imported.
Yesuf said that the other two cars the EC 1500cc and the 1300cc hunchback models are currently being tested by MIE to see their suitability for the Ethiopian terrain, after which they will be assembled at the company’s plant.
The new models of Geely are intended for the upper class population with higher prices than the current Geely cars it assembles. The new car is expected to have better speed and capacity.
Mesfin Industrial is currently training some of its technicians in China to assemble the new Geely models.  The new cars can carry five and are geared for people going on short trips outside Addis. It currently assembles Geely CK 1300cc models annually at Mekelle, Tigray Regional State plant, which is also expected to assemble these new cars.
MIE has so far sold 216 Geely CK 1300cc models with a price tag of 270,000 birr for Mekelle customers and 275,000 birr for those in Addis Ababa, which includes five thousand birr for the 783Km transport from Mekelle to Addis Ababa. In total the 216 cars generated 57 million birr in sales for the car company.
The company also plans to sell 60 more Geely CK 1300cc models with a target revenue of sixteen million five hundred thousand birr.
Mesfin Industrial Engineering (MIE) which was founded in September 1993 is an ISO 9001: 2008 quality management systems certified company. 
It manufactures agricultural trailers, civil construction and storage tanks.