Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Police seize record drug haul

Three suspects arrested for attempting to distribute nine sacks of cannabis disguised as charcoal, in the city are under investigation. Federal Police Crime Prevention Sector Drug Control Division Education and Eradication Head chief inspector Mekonnen Beyene said that the suspects were arrested on a tip off from the public. They were apprehended on December 27, 2011 around Peacock Recreational Park. The seized drugs weighing about 95 kilograms and were packed in sacks disguised as charcoal with some having coal stains on them. Mekonen said that the captured cannabis was intended for distribution in various parts of Addis Ababa, which was to be retailed in turn by others in small parts. He added that the amount of the seized cannabis was significant. “Previously, we seized around 30 or 40 kgs, one or two sacks or even in plastic bags. But these nine sacks are a lot. It is in small amounts, in packets of one gram or so. The alleged traffickers intended to sell to young people and other drug users,” he said. One of the suspects was at large when he went missing after being released on bail in a previous case in which he was charged of trafficking 40 kgs of cannabis. The second one was involved in renting a house for the dealings and the third in purchasing the drug.
(The Ethiopian Herald)