Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Tatek Mulugeta

FULL NAME: Tatek  Mulugeta  
EDUCATION: Bsc in Computer Science   
COMPANY NAME: Salit Academy   
STUDIO TITLE: General Manager 
FOUNDED: November 2011
WHAT IT DOES: Gives Education at Kindergarten level  
HQ: Meri Loki Sunshine Real estate compound           
START UP CAPITAL: Six million Birr
Reason for starting business: To start a good and socially responsible business.
Biggest plus of ownership: Passion.
Biggest strength: My patience and the fact that I don’t lose my vision.
Biggest weakness: I am sentimental at my work.
Smartest move: Recognizing the potential of the kids and the interest among the society.
Biggest Worry: None so far .
Favorite task: Overseeing the kids’ evolution and change.
Most challenging task: None so far .
Plan: To upgrade the current academy and open other new smaller branches in other parts of Addis Ababa  .
First career: Transport Company Owner .
Most interested in meeting: No one.  
Most admired person: My father.
Stress reducer: Listening to music and taking a stroll alone.
Favorite pass time: Meeting up with friends and vacationing out of Addis Ababa.
Favorite Book: Any book by the scientist Stephen Hawkins.
Favorite destination: Hawassa.      
Favorite automobile: Volkswagen.      
Favorite film: “Jurassic Park”