Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

61 mln birr sport facilities underway

The Addis Ababa City Administration Sports Commission has budgeted about 61 million birr for five planned city-wide projects ranging from design of stadiums to construction of swimming pools and buildings.
According to Daniel Dagne Sport Organization Facility Research and Training Sub-Leader at the Addis Ababa City Administration Sport commission; the commission has identified Nifas Silk, Arada, Bole and Gulele districts as potential sites for the new stadiums. Each will be built on 13.5 hectares of land. He said Gulele and Arada districts might face challenges allocating the 13.5 hectares land needed for each zonal stadium, meaning some amenities might be excised from the designated plots.
The design of the four zonal stadiums is expected to cost five million birr. They have yet to estimate how much money it will take for construction that will be undertaken by the Addis Ababa city Administration Design and Construction Bureau.
Meanwhile, according to Daniel, the Abebe Bikila Stadium roof cover design is being conducted by the sport commission.  They have already begun creating a covered asphalt running stadium.  However the design of the race track has partially been changed because water was found in one of the routes of the track.
Track work alone is estimated to cost 15 million birr. That and the roof are being reconstructed in order to upgrade Abebe Bikila Stadium from a zonal stadium status to an international pedigree which can accommodate other sports than soccer and track races, such as tennis.
Nearby the Abebe Bikila Stadium, a gymnasium and swimming pool are being constructed in the premises of the Ras Hailu education and training center with 80 percent of the construction of the gymnasium said to be completed.
Daniel further said that a fourth project is the Jan Meda multisport enhancement center design work which is in the tendering process for the design and the commission expects will be modeled on the Bahir Dar University Multisport enhancement center. The fifth project is expected to be the design work of the Akaki Stadium.
Daniel said the commission outsourced this project to other parties because of the lack of skilled manpower, although it said it doesn’t lack funds for the projects. He nevertheless admitted that there could be a risk of the projects being behind schedule.