Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Abeba Kassaye

FULL NAME: Abeba Kassaye  
EDUCATION: BA in Foreign Languages and Literature
COMPANY NAME: Amretco Services   
STUDIO TITLE: Senior Partner 
FOUNDED: January 2011
WHAT IT DOES: International Business Services
HQ: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Reason for starting business: Amretco was organized in 2011 after the founding partners identified a real need for international business services that are also aimed at contributing to the ongoing global development process.
It is the mission of our group to positively and responsibly engage in a variety of activities that contribute to both the commercial and humanitarian aspects of development.
Biggest plus of ownership: An ability to work within the commercial aspects of development, because a country cannot develop on aid alone.
Biggest strength: Innovation in approach to business services.
Biggest weakness: The effects of the global economy and local economic issues.
Smartest move: Starting my own business.
Biggest Worry: Ethiopia’s currency value and local purchasing power.
Favorite task: Helping other people.
Most challenging task: Dealing with the local bureaucracy.
Plan: To help the Ethiopian business community increase its ability to work at an international level.
First career: Office Management and Secretarial Sciences.
Most interested in meeting: Mother Teresa.  
Most admired person: MaKofi Annan.
Stress reducer: Reading a book.
Favorite pass time: Spending time with my husband.
Favorite Book: “Fiker eske Mekaber” by Haddis Alemayehu
Favorite destination: Hawassa.      
Favorite automobile: Toyota Rav-4.      
Favorite film: “John Q”