Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Four farms, factories leave public sphere

Four farms and four factories, currently owned by the government will soon become privatized.  The Privatization and Public Enterprise Supervisory Agency (PPESA)  announced that Ababo, Bilito Siraro, and Gojeb farms; Upper Awash Agro, Kality Metal, Ethiopian Marble, Awash Wine, and Ethiopian coffee are the farms and factories that will leave the public sector.
Bilito Siraro and Gojeb Farms are the branches of Hawassa Farm Development; and Coffee and Tea Development Farm, respectively. Ababo Farm is on the public tender list.
Fifty five additional businesses are also on the waiting list for privatization. However, Ethiopian Oil Enterprise, Construction and Design Enterprise, Comet Transport, and Brehanena Selam Printing Press, have been labeled strategic institutions and will likely remain in the public sector for quite some time.
Formed in 1995, the agency has brought in 8.7 billion birr to the government’s coffer according to Wendafrash Assefa, Head of public relations for the agency.
Three hundred and ten publicly owned businesses have been privatized in addition to Ras Hotel, for an attractive sum of 124.5 million dollars and Meta Abo Brewery at 225 million dollars. The hotel and Brewery were privatized during the last six months. Government revenue consequently jumped to well over 12.6 billion birr.
The government remains  a minority shareholder in Sodere Resort Hotel 125Km south east of Addis Ababa and the former Addis Tyre.
PPESA has 210 employees. Five people serve on its board of directors, headed by Aster Mamo, Government Whip at the House of Peoples Representatives, with a ministerial portfolio.