Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Lucy in pole position for return leg victory

The Ethiopian national women’s side, known as Lucy, returned home with a 4-2 result in the first leg away match held in Cairo. The return leg takes place next Sunday, at the Addis Ababa stadium. A 2-0 win is enough to reverse the result. 
There were many complaints about the preparation period. The camp started late. The  late call to camp to the late journey to Cairo without a single friendly match, the Ethiopian national women’s side returned home with a 4-2 defeat to host Egypt. The hosts opened the score line but only to be cancelled by Shetaye Sisay equalizer in the first half. In the second half the hosts took dominance and critics suggest it was because of ineffective national side substitution compared with Egypt that brought two players from the bench to an immediate impact on the pitch. Halfway to the second half it was 3-1 with the home side enjoying the Sun in glory. However the second goal from Rehima Zergaw Lucy start to breathe easy but a fourth goal from the spot kick at the final minutes made the score line to 4-2 that may be a high hill to mount for the return leg in Addis Ababa in two weeks time. Things appear a tougher job but within reach of Ethiopian victory for the visitors face a show down in front of home crowd that’s really in love with women’s football. To combat the high Ethiopian altitude and keep the result not to reverse, as usual the visitors plan for a strong defensive play with a surprise counter attack. The national team head coach Abraham T/Haimanot is expected to field an attack minded squad capable of invading the visitors’ half from the start to claim an early goal. With such altitude advantage two goals may not be a big deal for Lucy to book a place for the next group stage facing either of the two, Namibia or Tanzania.