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Ministry of Mines resumes licensing for mineral exploration

Ministry of Mines resumes licensing for mineral explorationThe Ministry of Mines, Ethiopia, is to resume licensing for mineral exploration. The ministry is expected to begin accepting new applications for licensing in mineral exploration next month according to Sinkenesh Ejigu Ethiopian Minister of Mines.
It is to be remembered that the ministry halted the issue of new licensing in mineral exploration to evaluate operators already in the sector before issuing new permits.
There were an estimated 200 applications for new licenses waiting to be processed when Ethiopia enacted the suspension to gain time to sort out issues with the mining sector.
The ministry planned to clarify which companies are active according to the agreements they entered upon receiving licensing and which have failed to commence operation according to Tolossa Shagi Moti State Minister of Mines.
The Ethiopian mines ministry is happy that a large number of foreign corporations are interested in the mining sector however the ministry’s ability to process licenses applications and monitor existing activities is hampered by the loss of senior geologists according to Tolossa.
The Ethiopian ministry has granted an estimated 200 minerals exploration licenses to above 100 local and international companies. Amongst these are well known mining corporations such as Vale and BHP.
The entrance of such companies has been a mixed blessing in that many qualified professionals have left the ministry to find employment with them it is said.
(The Ethiopian Reporter)