Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Only five premier sides ready for women football

Ethiopian Football Federation announced that only five sides are ready to take part in the season’s women soccer tournament despite signing an agreement to have a women’s side at the end of club management course in March 2010.
Though the declaration appears with no binding clause, all premier league sides put pen to paper in agreement to have women’s teams by July 2011 and participate in competition organized by the federation. However according to the federation letter wrote to the league clubs so far only five out of fourteen sides confirmed they are willing and ready for women’s soccer tournament season. Former champions that dominated women football for nearly a decade Ethiopian Coffee, take over defending double champions Central College team Ethiopia Banks, Defense Force, Dedebit FC and Dire Dawa Town are the five sides praised by the federation for their commitment to stand by their words.
The letter to the club’s remind that all premier league sides should comply with FIFA’s ruling of forming women’s  side and it is compulsory to have a FIFA registration badge. The premier sides are called to form their respective women’s sides and be ready for the season’s kick-off in March that is in six weeks time. “Even in England the football crazy nation only eight women sides are taking part in the Women’s Super League. Currently Arsenal leads the eight side’s Super league with 32 points out of 14 matches and Liverpool bottom of the table with just seven points. I think it takes some time before all clubs form their women’s team and forcing them may not be the right way,”  a football fan at Addis Ababa stadium remarked.