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Tension, action and terror all at once in “Diplomat” Film

A ticking bomb, mind numbing suspense, a deceitful double agent, and an innocent citizen framed for a crime he had no knowledge of. If you are a fan of a conspiratorial, futuristic, suspense movies then “Diplomat” film, a seemingly local remake of the wildly successful US movie series “24” will be to the liking of your senses.

The whirlwind film plot revolves around an impending “dirty bomb” attack on a location in Addis Ababa supposedly by the Somali militant organization AL Shabab with the help of a local Muslim businessman, but suddenly turns into a high tech, complex conspiracy attack against Ethiopia with a foreign Arab country’s mischief together with the help of a superpower ally country and an Ethiopian Intelligence Agency’s race against time to defuse the attack and abort the attackers.
Mahlet Shumete sibling of the more famous filmmaker Yared Shumete plays a wily, no non-sense, tough crack cop with a moody temperament, while Ethiopian drama diva Meron Getnet plays a talkative, computer nerd secretary who through her computer skills thwarts the schemes of the would be attackers and Tatek Negash the apprehensive boss of the Ethiopian Intelligence Agency who is faced at his very eyes with an attack that could cost the lives of thousands of Ethiopian citizens and Endrias Asnake a smooth talker double agent on a mission to conduct a terrorist attack and in the process kill a foreign country president with the aim to spoil the relation between it and Ethiopia.
“Diplomat” film is a production of Mekdi Productions Private Limited Company and its directing as well as script writing was done by Naod Gashaw. It is a one hour and thirty minute film. It’s currently being screened in Alem and Edna Mall cinemas and other smaller cinemas in Addis and regional cities.
At the sedate opening ceremony of the film in the premises of Alem Cinema script writer Naod Gashaw a graduate of a US film academy commented that in a country accustomed to a happy ending romance-comedy film it was a challenge to make such kind of a complex action packed suspense movie before thanking those who stood by him and the team during the arduous process.
“Diplomat” is a thoroughly enjoyable film albeit a too fast paced film gyrating from the conventional romance Amharic films currently filling the cinemas, and is bound to unseat you through the whole hour and half session and by the end of it craving for you to want and demand more of it.