Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

14 mln euro grant for Ethiopian green economy by 2015

The European Commission has approved the 13.8 million euro grant allocation for the ‘Ethiopia Global Climate Change Alliance’ (GCCA).
The grant was agreed to a year ago and will be released now. Agence Francaise de Developement (AFD) and Gesellschaft for Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) are providing the funding to help Ethiopia achieve its vision of a climate resilient green economy (CRGE) by 2025.
Dr. Tesfaye Mebratu, deputy director of Sustainable Land Management (SLM), told Capital that his office received 8.5 million euros of the total amount of the grant. They plan to work with the Ministry of Agriculture to train people to create a green economy and to alleviate the effects of climate change. Four million additional euros will go to the Environmental Protection Authority.
Rural communities will receive the most focus because they tend to suffer the most serious affects of climate change.  “Many such communities are also poor, so GCCA can help them catch up and play their part in Ethiopia’s economic renewal. Specifically, GCCA target activities also foster progress towards the government’s objective of achieving CRGE plans for 30% of woredas by 2015.”
Ethiopia is widely recognised as a leading voice on climate change both within Africa and internationally, and aspires to showcase inspiring and practical examples of how to deliver its CRGE vision. The government wishes to turn the country into a ‘laboratory’ for climate smart actions and delivery mechanisms. GCCA works with small scale farmers, energy and forestry. The GCCA programme has two components, one delegated to AFD and the other delegated to GIZ. The present work programme covers the second components which involves piloting climate smart actions and ‘lock in’ mechanisms in small-scale farming communities working with Ethiopia’s SLM Programme. Ethiopia has christened this initiative Piloting Climate Resilient Green Agriculture Actions. While this work programme only covers one component of GCCA Ethiopia, it complements the other component, which focuses on capacity building and knowledge management of government institutions.
The EPA will work with AFD to train people on making the best of climate change. The SLM Programme is working to reduce land degradation and increase agricultural productivity in the Ethiopian highlands, leading to higher incomes and food security for rural households. The multi donor funded national SLM Programme is aligned with the present Ethiopian Poverty Reduction Strategy, “Growth and Transformation Plan” and embedded into the “Ethiopian Strategic Investment Framework for SLM”.