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International Textile expo on the way

An international Textile and Garment Expo will be held from March 8 to 11, 2012 in Addis Ababa. It will be jointly organized by the Textile Industry Development Institute (TIDI) and Ethiopian Village Adventure Playground Private Limited Company at the Addis Ababa Exhibition center.
According to Fekadu  Ethiopia Corporate Communications Expert at TIDI, the expo will feature exhibitioners who are engaged in the textile industry, as well as those who supply accessories and components to textile and garment factories.
He further said work will be done by TIDI such as facilitating ways in which all 87 local textiles companies are able to participate in the expo. Cotton producers, Garment factories will be included as well.  Fashion design and yarn are also considered part of the textile exposition. Large companies will be there as well as Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) which typically specialize in traditional Ethiopian dress.
Fekadu said until recently textiles were a minor industry in Ethiopia but now they are picking up steam. In the 2010/11 Ethiopian fiscal year the country earned 62.2 million dollars. That is about three times what it earned the year before.
Hana Sahle, Event and Communication Manager at Ethiopian Village Adventure Playground PLC, said the company has been engaged in the fashion industry for the last eight years, and saw first hand how the textile was not living up to its potential.
The company expects major local firms like the Turkish owned Elsee Addis and Ayka Addis factories and the Ethiopian owned DH Geda Textile Factory as well as international firms from China, Turkey, Germany and India to attend.
Ethiopian Village Adventure PLC mainly works in the organizing and promotion of cultural works as well as organizing events that promote Ethiopia. They partner with Ethiopian government bodies and Non-Governmental Organizations. It has also previously organized a small tourism exhibition.
This international Textile and Garment Expo is expected to feature between 150-170 local and international companies engaged directly or indirectly in the expo.
The expo is also intended be just the beginning of more textile investment opportunities, since it’s still in its infancy stage and challenged partly because of its wide value chain process.
TIDI, in order to fill in the vast value chain process for Textile factories has been trying to establish an international standard and quality laboratory institute with the help of purchased machines from the United States that cost about 6.8 million birr.
It has also been doing benchmarking work with the Swiss consulting firm Gerzhi in Textile benchmarking activities. Recently it held a training with the Korea Institute of Technology and Korea Industry Federation.