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“Journey to Abay” Cycling race starts Tuesday

Twenty Cyclists from four Addis Ababa Cycling teams have been selected for the historical “Journey to Abay” Cycling race that covers a 560Km stretch in five days. Zcolina Construction, Nyala Motors, Access capital and United Petroleum are major sponsors of the event.
After a preliminary four round competition including the 160Km cross country race near Sebeta Town, the event’s main organizers Addis Ababa Cycling Federation selected 20 cyclists from four clubs representing the Capital at the historical race while ten cyclists from Amhara Region plus two veteran cyclists, a total of 32 brave hearts, taking part in the long and trying yet historical event. The four day journey starts in the presence of government and sport’s high officials on Tuesday morning 7:30 from Addis Ababa municipality building, a journey to cover 180 Km to Goha Tsion. The second day race covers 113 Km to Debremarkos then the 153 hard stretches from Debremarkos –Enjibara followed by the 111Km Enjibara –Baherdar and the closing 60Km City Circuit at the sea side town Baherdar, the biggest Tourist attraction in front of Lake Tana. The hard working organizers believe that in addition to supporting the construction of the “The Renaissance Dam” it could raise millions in order to revive the nation’s cycling sport which currently is in bad shape.
The Capital’s cycling squad numbers twenty out of which five of them from the latest champion Agricultural Marketing while Electric, Meta Abo Brewery and Garad PLC are each represented by  four cyclists. Woldekidan Germew of Agricultural Marketing and Tilahun Birihun are the two coaches from Agricultural and Meta, respectively .The organizers have big dreams and are calling on sponsors to  join hands for this historical undertaking.