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MoI allocates 5,130 hectares to industry

Over the last six months the Ministry of Industry allocated around 5,130hct of land for industrial zones.
Amhara, Dire Dawa, Addis Ababa, Somali region and the Southern regional state, are home to the targeted industrial sites.
Borena area in Dire Dawa has 700hct allotted. Shinele zone in Somali region has 350hct targeted.
Kombolcha City in the Amhara regional state has 1123hct of land allocated to industry, in Kebele 10 and 15. Hawaasa has 776hct in Wondo Tika area.
Efforts are also underway to increase the particular area to one thousand hectares.
The last plots designated for an industrial zone is located in, Bole Lemi area totaling 438 hectares and in the Akaki Kality sub city, Kilinto area totaling 243 hectares.
According to Melaku Taye Corporate Communications Director at MoI, the industrial zones were designated with the hope that they will decrease the cost of investments, help development, technological expertise and increase hard currency and exports.
He also said this would help to create a massive employment opportunity, provide social services and enhance agricultural development because raw materials are used in the industrial zones.
So far an industrial zone in the Dukem town of Oromia regional state has been established and China has invested USD 250 million. That area will support 81 industries on two hundred hectares. Hujiian, one of the biggest worldwide footwear producers is one of the Chinese companies expected to use this site.
MoI also plans, in the current 2011/12 fiscal year, to open up other factories in major regional cities and towns. Legatafo just outside of Addis Ababa  and Bahir Dar are one ofthe major cities being considered.