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Zefmesh to open a mega mall complex

Zefmesh Private Limited Company is set to open the grandest mall complex in Ethiopia;

lying on nine thousand square meters with seven floors to accommodate entertainment and refreshment ranging from supermarkets to cinema houses.
Nega Asfaha Project Management Consultant for Zefmesh Grand mall project said the actual building lies on four thousand square meters of land and be open in six months. The ground floors are expected to accommodate small to medium sized shops. Kaldi’s café will be there and there will be parking space for 450 cars. Three hundred fifty will be open air parking spaces and 100 in the basement.   
The building will have many entrances with a capacity of up to one thousand visitors at once together with an expansive lobby and three panoramic elevators two of whom can hold 14 people at once each and the other one can hold 24 people at once which he claimed was second only to the US embassy elevators. It has also eight escalators and stairways for pedestrians. The elevator technology is from the famous US firm Otis.
Another point Nega emphasized was that the building from ground floor up to the third floor is expected to have 300 assorted shops capacity with so far he claimed a thousand interested parties applying for it.
The basement supermarket which will lie on 3200sqm Shoa supermarket plans to open one of the biggest stores in Ethiopia there.
Modern movie theaters will be on the fourth floor with the newest international films. Three cinema houses will be able to hold around 1200 people and have VIP seating.  It’s also expected to have special handicap ramp access and a spacious snack area. The largest cinema house will have a backstage for live performances.  Handicapped parking will also be available.
One rather unique feature Nega said will be a smoker’s area on the terraces of the building in order to respect the rights of smokers without disturbing the health of non-smokers.
However he reiterated that the project has also rooms for traditional and art centers housing bookstores, sculptures and traditional clothes to be placed exclusively in the fifth floor while the sixth floor is expected to house a family entertainment center equipped with an Arcade and Game room and an exclusive kid’s platform.
Not to be outdone in innovation the sixth floor will have a lobby for mother and nannies to breastfeed and change the diapers of babies while the seventh and last floor will have a food court complete with spectacular views of Addis on four sides and a tropical garden in between it.
Nega elaborated that the building place located in Megenegna area in Yeka district was chosen because of its strategic commercial and residential district.
The project is expected to have phase two of expansion project complete with a hotel, sport center, a conference center and two additional cinema houses.
Zefmesh Grand mall project design was done by Gerreta Consult and Engineers Private Limited Company, Interior design by DAR international company and construction Supervision work is being done by M & H consulting engineer and Architects Company.