Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Anteneh Megersa

Name: Anteneh Megersa
Education: High school
Company name: Eij Yalsetu Eijoch
Job title: Manager
Founded: 2003
What it does: Bake Enjera and sell it to consumers
HQ: Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Abenet
Number of Employees: 13
Startup capital: 2,000 birr
Current capital: 28,000 birr

Reason for starting business: To create job opportunities for me and my friends.
Biggest plus of ownership: Being able to change lives of people.
Biggest strength: I work very hard on everything.
Biggest weakness: I feel my business has a lot more potential.
Smartest Move: I did not give up even during the most challenging times of starting my business.
Biggest worry: Because we work with many different people it’s a challenge to listen to everyone’s opinions.
Favorite task: My job, making Enjera.
Most challenging task: Solving problems at work, because everybody has different opinions and ideas.
Plan: Expanding the business to a bigger and better level.
First Career: My current job
Most Interested in meeting: Dr. Belay Abegaz.
Most admired person: Dr. Belay Abegaz.
Stress reducer: Going to church.
Favorite past time: Going to church.
Favorite Book: “Feker eskemekaber” by Haddis Alemayehu
Favorite Destination: Suba Park
Favorite Automobile: Toyota Vitz
Favorite Film: “Yanchiw Leba” (Amharic film)