Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Ayele & Aselefetch in London

250,000 Dollars each
Three days after the Ethiopian athletics federation lifted its ban on world renowned athletes Ayele Abshero and Aselefetch Mergia they have made it to the 2012 London Olympics.


Twenty one year old Ayele Abshero led a medal sweeping Ethiopian marathon squad in the annual Dubai marathon last Friday clocking a new course record. Crushing the four year old record held by three time Dubai champion Haile Gebreselassie, Ayeles performance in his very first marathon event drew attention from the sport’s followers. He slashed 30 seconds from Haile’s achievement to set the new record at 2:04.23 that is the sixth fastest time in world marathon. Ayele collected USD 250,000 as a reward for his big win while compatriots Dino Sefer and Markos Genete finished second and third respectively collecting 100,000 & 50,000 Dollars.
Besides collecting USD 250,000 for defending her women’s Dubai marathon titile. Aselefetch Mergia also made it to the Olympics by clocking 2:09.30. The women’s race was run at a constant speed throughout the course with nine crossing the half mark with no clear leader. Six Ethiopians against three Kenyans it was the usual East African rivals affair. Three kilometres from the finishing line it was lone Kenyan Lucy Kabuu against four Ethiopians and Aselefetch in a commanding gesture all the way. The Kenyan glued to Aselefetch the ultimate winner with a new course record 2:19.31 that is three minutes earlier than Kabuu followed by Ethiopians Marie Dibaba and Bezunesh Bekele respectively. Aselefetch took home the biggest world marathon money prize USD 250,000 for the second year running. Runner-up Kabuu took USD 100,000 while Marie settled for a USD 50,000 prize.