Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

DARO exceeds targets

The Documents’ Authentication and Registration Office (DARO) has accomplished an ambitious task during the first half of the budget year.
One of the busiest public offices in the town has handled about 222,000 cases from July 2011 to January 7, 2012, which is about 26 percent higher than the target. In the past six months DARO planned to handle almost 176,000 cases.
DARO has been very successful since it reformed its operation over the past couple of years. It has provided services to 426,706 clients, which is 129 percent of their target of serving 330,338 clients.  The authentication office that launched the online service early this fiscal year has collected close to 60 million birr in public service charges. The target was 49.5 million birr.
When the performance is compared with a similar period of the past fiscal year, the result is also remarkable. In the first six months of 2011/12 fiscal year DARO has registered over 48%, 53% and 30 percentage of growth on cases, clients’ number and revenue respectively when compared with the first half of 2010/11 fiscal year.
The communication and public relation directorate officer told Capital that since DARO introduced online attorney registration services, several clients have taken advantage of the opportunity. Now people don’t need to visit a notary office to fill forms and organize papers needed to authenticate legal documents. 
With the new scheme of online registration, clients need only come to the DARO office for notarization and by doing so do not need to wait in line. Recently DARO officials, told Capital that the new technology makes the registration process easier and faster and it is accessible anywhere.
The online registration system is being undertaken by Custor Computing Plc, a local IT firm, in collaboration with the Information Communication Technology Development Agency, and is being installed in every DARO branch.
The business oriented public office, under the Ministry of Justice provides services to 2,500 to 3,000 clients per day and has a goal of expanding its performance as outlined in the GTP. The office had targeted earning over half a billion birr in the final year of the GTP.
In the last six months the office has added two more branches in Addis Ababa. The head office at DARO provided services from its nine branches including the Dire Dawa office. According to the directorate in the second half of the budget year the attorney office plans to open two additional branches in the capital city.