Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

H2O makes big splash

One of the most highly anticipated additions to Addis Ababa’s night life was officially inaugurated on Thursday, January 26th 2012. Heavily promoted with flyers, billboards and intensive advertisements on the cities airwaves, the new club, H2O, at Yoli building on Mickey Leyland street stands out as one of the most sophisticated night clubs in Addis. The club employs one hundred staff, most of whom have undergone intensive one month training on providing excellent customer service. The head of the customer service says they are paying their employees well and expecting them to be absolutely professionals. At the entrance of the club, you can either go through a door which leads to the VIP section or to the main part of the club. The creative decorations are the club’s most striking feature. Blue is the dominant color, keeping with the water theme the club is named for.
Two sets of bar with a beach and ocean theme are on the ground floor displaying pictures and colorful chairs that take you to the coast. On the right side of the entrance there is a platform with golden and silver lounging couches usually reserved for people who buy a whole bottle of liquor and repeat customers.
As you head to the dance floor, you will notice flat screen monitors hanging down from the ceiling where you can watch music videos and people dancing in the club. Theyshow various parts of the club and music videos. It has a beautiful lighting system with chandeliers all over the ceiling. One of the things that make the club unique is the sound system. The club’s sound system engineers are convinced beyond doubt that the club has the most sophisticated and highly advanced sound system in the entire city.
When you make your way up the stairs, you find the VIP area and the cocktail bar. The most unique and interesting thing about the VIP bar is that every guest is provided with a glass framed locker. You are probably wondering what the lockers are for; the sole purpose of the lockers is that if VIP customers order a whole bottle of drink and are unable to finish it, they can lock their drink in their assigned lockers so they can have it the next time they come to the club.
H2O also gives its VIP customers a username and a password so they can go on the clubs’ official website and get information about upcoming events.
Eventhough the club is of high standard and quality, the prices are quite fair. The entrance fee to the club is 50 birr on the weekends and during other special occasions like live music performances. The entrance is lower on other nights. Most drinks are imported  and the food menu includes pizza, sandwiches and finger foods with prices ranging between 50 to 70 birr before VAT and service charge. In the future the club plans to do Jazz and piano nights and hopes to open the cocktail bar as early as 6:00 PM.
The ten million birr club can hold one thousand people. The customer service head points their air conditioning system and highly sophisticated security as other features customers will appreciate.