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Hawassa: The billion birr beer factory

BGI Ethiopia lavishly inaugurated its new billion birr factory in Hawassa town

on Saturday January 28. The factory built on seven hectares of plot has the capacity of producing 500,000 hectoliters of beer per annum.
The ceremony began with the blessing of the elderly at the compound of the factory in the presence of Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Regional State President Shiferaw Shigute and other invited guests.
The dominant brewery BGI at its Hawassa branch factory, constructed within 14 months, has also plans to introduce new beer brands to the booming Ethiopian beer market. BGI received the seven hectares of land early in 2010 in the industrial zone of Hawassa, 273Km south of Addis Ababa and aims to fully serve the beer market in southern and western part of the country and eastern Ethiopia partially.
The new beer plant which is using the latest European brewery technology for its production has also a state of the art waste treatment plant in the compound which is installed at a cost of 25 million dollars.  
The elders of the city of Hawassa were also present at the ceremony and thanked BGI for turning its promise into reality in such a short time.
Even though BGI has a huge share in the beer market of Ethiopia, its production still does not fully meet the growing market demand.
Currently the total production capacity of BGI Ethiopia is over two million hectoliters per annum from its breweries in Addis Ababa, Kombolcha and Hawassa. BGI bottles popular brands such as St George and Castel beers.
The ceremony that crowded Hawassa town on Saturday also saw a live concert by numerous well known artists.
New and upcoming Haile Roots, Michael Belayneh, Kuku Sebsibe, Betty Rock, and others performed during the lavish ceremony engulfed by a buzzing helicopter circling the compound of the brewery spreading flyers about the inauguration of the new beer factory.  
Recently BGI has agreed with Raya Beer to own 25 percent share on the new brewery that will be erected in Tigray regional state, Maichew town 662Km north of Addis Ababa. Raya planned in the first phase to produce 300,000 hectoliters of beer per annum.
BGI Ethiopia Private limited Company was established in 1996. The primary objective of the company is to produce and distribute quality bottled and draught beer to local and foreign markets.
BGI Ethiopia inaugurated its first brewery located in Kombolcha in 1998. The company acquired Saint George Brewery, the first and oldest brewery in the country, from Ethiopian Privatization & Public Enterprises Supervising Agency in the same year.
Spurred by BGI, the beer market in Ethiopia has been growing steadily since the year 2000. Nowadays, it amounts to 4 million hectoliters per year compared to 900,000 hectoliters ten years ago.
BGI’s contribution in respect of this spectacular increase in beer consumption has been fundamental and is based on two major steps. The first one is the improvement of beer distribution, which resulted in delivering beer not only alongside the main roads but also in the small villages. BGI is now covering the whole country and make healthy beer available for all. The second is the implementation of the draught beer pasteurization technology in 2000, which extended the shelf life of the beer from three days to 45.