Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Addis Ababa women’s soccer championship kicks-off

Though only four out of fourteen premier league sides formed women’s football clubs, Addis Ababa kicked off its annual women’s football championship among seven sides including former heavy weights Ethiopian Coffee and Meret Gebya.
Inspired by the latest national victory that is a 4-0 home trashing to go past Egypt with a 6-2 aggregate score line, the annual women’s soccer championship fixture got underway with seven registered sides in the table. Dedebit FC, Commercial Banks, Defense Force, Ethiopian Coffee, Save Z Generation; YWCA and Mert Gebya are the sides that took part in the two rounds of the new season. Saint George and Electric are the noticeable absences. However Addis Ababa football federation, highly motivated by the recent national women’s emphatic win unfurled its fixtures with two of the strong sides Dedebit taking to the season’s opening head on clash against Defense Force. The rising soccer force in the Capital trashed the Army side with a 4-0 victory while Mert Gebya demolished Save Z Generation to 7-1 result. However despite the small numbers of participants the federation’s decision to go on with the fixtures led many to admire for that should be the way to motivate others and be a ready made answer for shortage of torch bearers in the sport.