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Environmental heroes awarded

Thirty National environmental heroes were awarded at the seventh National Green Awards Program (GAP) , Tuesday February 7th at the Sheraton Addis. Since 2005 the award has been acknowledging efforts to protect the environment and encouraging people to participate in greening the world. 
Mahelet Eyasu, project manager at forum for Environment said that the most challenging environmental problems for Ethiopia are land degradation and climate change.
“Aside from the steps taken to protect the environment on a national and international level, the good work that some individuals and institutions are doing gives a lot all of us hope,” she added.
Forum for the Environment (FfE) is one of the groups recognized for trying to make a difference.
The non-government and non-profit organization established in 1997, has been creating awareness, conducting research, training, and getting people engaged in environmental policy.
Their green service program gets volunteers involved in taking ownership over environmental protection. The volunteers can work nationwide, giving people 18 years and older and opportunity to experience different cultures and help local communities manage environmental resources effectively.
Another program, GAP, celebrates and encourages individuals or institutions who are involved in protecting and enhancing the environment. Individuals or institutions are nominated in categories such as civil society, private sector, and education.
Protecting the environment hasn’t been a priority in Ethiopia on the level it should have been for a long time. The environment is distressed in terms of pollution and rising land degradation. Many species of animals are increasingly threatened.
Though there are a lot of proclamations concerning various environmental issues many have not been implemented, Patron of the project; President Girma Woldegiorgis said in his speech that in order for a country to have sustainable development citizens should have a growing awareness of the benefits of environmental protection.
“The growth and transformation plan is working on building a capacity that can help implement environmental protection regulations to build a green economy” said the president.