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Ethiopia hosts 2nd largest coffee conference

Over 1500 regional and international coffee rosters, producers, traders,

professionals and connoisseurs will gather in Addis Ababa for the 9th African Fine Coffee Conference and Exhibition that will be held at the United Nations Conference Center (UNCC).  The second largest coffee conference in the world will attract buyers from Asia, USA, Europe, South America and India as well as all coffee producing countries from Africa, organizers said.
The conference will have an excellent mix of regional and internationally acclaimed speakers presenting many topics about coffee such as sustainability and production, climate change, trade and financing and others. The other topic world coffee specialists will be discussing is what to learn from Ethiopia and the growing potential of Robusta.
The Ethiopian Chapter of EAFCA is excited to be hosting the conference to show off their tastiest coffee and display new and innovative coffee related equipment.
They also see it as an opportunity for networking and an unique platform to discover new markets since African coffee will be showcased to the world.  Delegates will also get a chance to tour Ethiopia’s top coffee producing areas Jimma and Sidama. They will be visiting the birth place of coffee Choche, a large government coffee farm and agricultural research museum. .  
The event is being organized by Eastern African Fine Coffee Association (EAFCE) a regional non-profit member driven association representing the coffee sector in 11 different countries. EAFCA’s mission is to promote the production, quality, consumption and trade of African fine coffees and works through the public and private sector
The African Fine Coffee Conference and Exhibition will run from February 16th of until the 18th. Ethiopia is Africa’s largest coffee producer. Recognized for its quality, Ethiopia is the biggest consumer of its own coffee, drinking half of what it produced here.