Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Getachew Nigusse

Name: Getachew Nigusse
Education: Diploma
Company name: Zeraf Film Production.
Studio title: Production manager.
Founded: 2010
What it does: Makes films.
HQ: Addis Ababa, Mexico.
Number of Employees: 24
Start up capital: 150,000 birr
Current capital: Growing
Reason for starting business: I am very interested in the film industry.
Biggest plus of ownership: I like a challenge; so facing different challenges is a big plus.
Biggest strength: I always finish what I start; I don’t give up on anything.
Biggest weakness: I get emotional sometimes.
Biggest worry: As a producer you don’t have a lot of freedom to do projects you like because you have to look at  the market.
Favorite task: I like the whole process of making a film.
Most challenging task: Managing the crew and everything else .
Plan: To be recognized on a bigger level in the Ethiopian film industry.
First Career: I used to work in agriculture .
Most Interested in meeting: Haile Gebreselassie.
Most admired person: I admire my friends.
Stress reducer: Going to church.
Favorite past time: Watching movies, going out of town.
Favorite Book: “Enkelf ena edeme” and “Megbatena mewtat”, by Bewketu Seyoum (Amharic films).
Favorite Destination: Menagesha.
Favorite Automobile: Toyota
Favorite Film: “Amalayu” (Amharic film)