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Google conducts first g/Ethiopia meeting

Google, a leading internet search engine company, has organized a two day meeting dubbed ‘g/Ethiopia 2012,’with the intention of bringing software developers and other stakeholders together and strengthen their application of its products. At the two-day meeting held at the Hilton Addis, Organizers gave explanation on how Google products can be used in the African context, especially with regards to access to the internet. The presentation focuses on new software tools that could be used by local software developers to utilize online services provided by Google. A key note presentation illustrated methods to overcome some barriers that hinder Africans from utilizing the Internet. It was noted that a number of measures have been taken by the search engine company and others like storing caches globally to reduce time and size of the fetching data and working with universities to help them set up wireless connections and hence enable users to increase their service usage.  Organizers say that Google held’ g/Ethiopia’ in response to the country’s growth, and because of the fact that there was an increased usage of Google’s services like Gmail. The meeting also addressed business people to acquaint them with utilization of Google products like Google Maps and Google C+ for their businesses.
(The Ethiopian Herald)