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Reports say eight members of Al-Qaeda captured in Ethiopia

Some eight members of the terrorist organization, al-Qaeda, were put under control while attempting to launch an organized attack in Ethiopia, the Federal Police said in a statement on Monday.
In its press statement sent to ENA, the National Intelligence and Security Service Taskforce of the Federal Police said the suspects were arrested after they were found while organizing, providing training and educating recruits with the assistance from the East Africa al-Qaeda group.
According to the statement, the move of the suspects indicates that they had seemed to take advantage of the tendency of extremism prevailing in the country since recently.
The terrorist cell in Ethiopia have strong links with the Somali terror group, Al-Shabab and al-Qaeda terrorist cells in Kenya, Sudan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, the Taskforce said.
Al-Qaeda is a global broad-based militant Islamist terrorist organization founded by Osama bin Laden sometime between August 1988 and late.
(Ethiopian News Agency)