Construction exhibit showcases innovative technology


The fifth Architecture and Construction Exhibition held from February 9 to 12 featured companies with products ranging from the sublime to the mundane. Haile Meskel Tefera, State Minister of Urban Development and Construction opened the exhibition.
Mohammed Mudesir, who visited Addis on business, was amazed by some of the products on display but he did notice that attendance appeared to be down from last year.
“I particularly liked what Jerry Maraky Engineering and Architecture Company had to show because they appeared very technologically advanced, I would have liked to have seen more,” he said.
Yared Kebde is a US citizen of Ethiopian origin and regional distributor for US firm Crete Elite Systems. He was showcasing what he termed innovative and cutting edge technological products.
“Our new concept is Concrete Overlay which has been used for construction in the US for the last 35 years, but is still new to Ethiopia,” Yared told Capital.
He says it is too soon to gauge the reception for the product which has been on the Ethiopian market for just three months, although he insists the feedback has been good and people are excited.
One rather peculiar problem he saw with the Ethiopian consumer was the aversion to risk with people tending to want to be followers and not be the first to try a product. 
Nevertheless, Yared says the company has long term plans to reach a wide cross section of society and expand the business to introduce to the populace in Addis Ababa and outside of it.
Crete Elite Systems Company insists that the technology which it says has longevity can be applied in new and old construction because it can be remodeled for already existing structures.
Tsemex Global Enterprise Private Limited Company is an importer of water tankers from Australia.
Meron Kelemu the company’s cheerful exhibitor said the “Pioneer Tankers” range from 12,000 liters to 26 million liters of capacity with a 10 year guarantee and of course the tankers can come in other sizes as well with a special order. The company has big name customers like the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Rescue Committee (IRC).
Meron also said depending on the size of the water tankers, installation could take one to 30 days and be on average cheaper by 25 percent compared to concrete tankers.
Indeed this particular exhibition pavilion seemed to have quite a substantial number of curious visitors compared to the other pavilions.
However exhibitors were not limited to strictly construction and architecture exhibitions with one conspicuous exhibitor company being Ethio-Scott Warren Private Limited Company a car and wall Paints Company.
This particular exhibitor company featured a rather attractive antique green car plastered with stamps and bright colors with its showcase paints originating from Italy in order to brighten houses and cars.
Another company presenting a shiny product was Fesi showing Italian made attractive ceramics. Fesi’s representative said the event was great for their business. There was a dazzling array of ceramic products which the exhibitor insisted were selling well despite their high price because their customers put quality first. 
Zelek Belay, an architect and Director of the fifth Architecture and Construction Exhibition said the exhibition aims to be a venue for the partnership and acquaintance of professionals, businesspeople and customers to network with each other about cost effective and quality products.
He also said it will help for prospective customers to obtain goods tailored for their specific needs.
The exhibition also included interactive sessions with local and foreign professionals on acquiring inexpensive and quality concrete materials. 
The fifth Architecture and Construction Exhibition featured more than 30 construction, architecture companies as well as tertiary learning institutions.