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Ethiopian company discovers tantalum ore

Ethiopian Mineral Development Share Company the state owned company engaged in mineral exploration and development recently discovered a tantalum ore estimated at 2,500 tones at its Kenticha Tantlum mine found in the Oromia regional state, Guji zone 600Km south of Addis Ababa. Experts of EMDSC, who have been undertaking various exploration work in Kenticha, Borena discovered a high quality, primary tantalum ore. Experts of the company told the Reporter that so far EMDSC has been mining the surfaced tantalum ore and the discovery of the primary ore will enable the company to boost its production capacity substantially. According to Solomon Hailu, production core process owner of EMDSC, the company started operation with annual production capacity of 20 tons with a single processing plant 20 years ago. The Ethiopian government has a plan to privatize EMDSC. Several international firms have shown an interest in buying  the company. Swedish, Chinese, Saudi Arabian and Russian companies held talks with the Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervisory Agency and visited the Kenticha tantalum mine.
(The Ethiopian Reporter)