Capital Ethiopia Newspaper


Name: FanaTadesse
Education: Diploma
Company name: Shero Bet
Studio title: Owner
Founded: 2002
What it does: We cook all types of food
HQ: Ayat
Number of Employees: Four
Startup capital: 35,000 birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: Because I am very interested in this kind of business.
Biggest plus of ownership: Being able to provide for yourself and creating job opportunities for others.
Biggest strength: Patience
Biggest weakness: Sometimes the stress makes me angry.
Smartest Move: Starting my business.
Biggest worry: None
Favorite task: Giving good service to people.
Most challenging task: None
Plan: To open more branches and do my business on a bigger scale.
First Career: Worked as a hostess at Makush Art Gallery
Most interested in meeting: No one
Most admired person: Al Amoudi
Stress reducer: Watching movies.
Favorite past time: Walking and watching movies.
Favorite Book: None
Favorite Destination: Hawasa
Favorite Automobile: RAV 4
Favorite Film: “Water for elephants”