Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Addis Ababa dominates Universities’ sport festival

Ababa University takes home the fifth All Ethiopian Government University’s championship title. Wello University crushes its counterpart Wolayta Sodo to win the coveted men’s football trophy.

All Ethiopian Government Universities’ annual sport festival’s fifth edition turned out to be  the best ever organized event in its history. It brought together 26 universities represented by more than 3,000 athletes in 11 disciplines. The host Ambo University just 130 km from the capital provided the best hospitality for the visitors from all over the country boasting some spectacular playing fields especially for Ground Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball. Although Addis Ababa University surprisingly failed to book a semi final place in the highly regarded men’s football, it managed to dominate the likes of Ground and Table Tennis to stand tall above its adversaries taking home nine out of 19 trophies including the overall championship crown. Of course the women’s side managed what the men’s failed; that is winning the women’s football title. Wollo University’s men’s football team ended the festival’s most surprising package driving through tough encounters to a cup final place crushing Wolayta with a 3-1 famous victory to take home the coveted trophy. Bahirdar University stands runner up claiming three trophies while Jimma, Mekele and Hawassa universities each take two trophies.