Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Arbaminch Town, emerging Ethiopian football power

A famous victory in front of the nation’s unofficial record 80,000 home supporters, Ethiopian premier league Arbaminch Town emerges as the latest football power in the country. The new comers not only had a surprise victory over visitors Dedebit but also managed to run away from the relegation zone for the first time in months.

Arbaminch Town’s first round final match, a famous 1-0 victory over arguably the best balanced squad of the premier league Dedebit FC  is more to those amazing home supporters than the players. Motivating such a record number of home supporters shows the club’s potential to become one of the stronger football sides in the country. Arbamich so famous for its fruits, fishes and hot weather proved the latest talent hunting ground after its recent success producing so many star players in the Premier League including national team players, Abebaw Butako, Degu Debebe and Geresu Shemena. What is more surprising than three home points against such a strong visitor is the number of supporters that kept coming to the uncomfortable stadium to motivate home grown talents. It is up to the club’s officials to turn that big number of home supporters into financial muscle to stop the migration of its best talents to the capital Addis Ababa. “We have a big plan of raising money to take our best football talents back home next year and will have our own designated place in Addis Ababa stadium to give a shock treatment to the Capital’s sides. Then right to title contention” Minibus driver Peter Behailu told Capital. “I believe the home grown talents have obligations to first serve their local sides and money will not be a problem for we all are behind the grand scheme” Peter added. Now the current Ethiopian premier league first round is coming to an end at Arbaminch Town who sits 10th on the table with 12 points well above Defense Force, Diredawa Town and bottom of the table Air Force FC. The big question now is whether the side manages to sail through the rough water until the end of the current season and survive for its big dream second season in the premier league.