Layne Mulubrhan


Name: Layne Mulubrhan

Education: Degree

Company name: Merael International

Studio title: Owner

Founded: 2010

What it does: Positive attitude training.

HQ: Bole DH Geda bulding.

Number of Employees: 12

Startup capital: 20,000 birr

Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: I love teaching and changing lives.

Biggest plus of ownership: I can be more creative.

Biggest strength: My faith in God and myself.

Biggest weakness: None.

Smartest Move: Aggressive promotion and treating people really well.

Biggest worry: None

Favorite task: Following up on people and seeing how their life has changed.

Most challenging task: None

Plan: I am planning to construct a building with 34 floors and I am also planning to take the training to an international level.

First Career: Instructor in college

Most Interested in meeting: Bishop David O. Depo

Most admired person: Jesus, my mother and father.

Stress reducer: I don’t get stressed

Favorite past time: Meditation

Favorite Book: “Understanding the power of praise” by Bishop David O. Depo

Favorite Destination: Paris

Favorite Automobile: Rolls Royce

Favorite Film: “Cinderella Man”