Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Meseret, Genzebe & Mohammed win in Birmingham

Birmingham City appears home away from home to Ethiopian athletes sweeping away almost all championship titles over the weekend. The contest was all about warming up for the 2012 London Olympic. Meseret, Genzebe and Mohammed all were champions.

World and Olympic champion Meseret Defar returned to her winning style dominating the 3,000 meter indoor in Birmingham. Had it not been for Kenyan runner-up Helen Obri, Meseret who crossed the finishing line in 8:31.55 she would have led a medal sweeping squad with her compatriots Gelete Burka and Meseletch Melkamu who finished third and fourth. With Gelete Burka now focused on the 3,000 meter, Genzebe Dibaba appears to be the right choice to replace her in the 1,500 meter women’s event. The youngest Dibaba, next to world renowned Ejegayehu and Trunesh, Genzebe finished as a runaway winner crossing the finishing line six minutes ahead of second place Hana England of Britain and American Anna Pearce respectively. Genzebe took the lead from the gun and accompanied by full house fans stayed together with the pace maker for two and half laps before kicking by herself to the podium with style.

Ethiopian rising middle distance athlete Mohammed Amman is stretching out his legs to his big dream of achieving Olympic medals. The only adversary to beat Kenyan record holder  David Rudisha in the past two years, 19 year old Mohammed is on his way up at international arena warming up for London. The winner clocked 1:45.40 just a micro second away from second place Marcin Liwondwisk who stood second 34 micro seconds ahead of third place Boaz Lalang.